S'cyra Publishing Ltd.

Bringing you entertaining sci-fi and fantasy...

About Us

S’cyra Publishing Ltd. (properly pronounced as Skeer-ah) is a new and independent publishing company aimed to publish, produce and distribute books and e-books. It was started in March 2017, launching its first book, Ryder On The Pass © in December 2017.

A vision to produce, high quality, entertaining Sci-Fi and Fantasy books and media.

Who are the people at S'cyra Publishing?

Michael Leask (aka Mike), Founder

Mike has always been a visionary in regards to constantly evolving himself as a person. As a young self, Mike had a passion for video game design and animation, a passion that still dwells beneath the surface. Due to lack of support, he turned away from that path in his adult years to develop a career in a professional corporate environment with Civil Engineering technology and Geographic Information Systems. Realizing his time, he decided to retire from the engineering and GIS path and explore avenues of his creative outlet. He never imagined he would become a writer nor even become a published author. “That's the beauty about life! You never know where it will take you.”

Pritpal Sahota-Leask (aka Dolly), Co-Founder

Dolly is known for her friendly smile and bubbly personality. Stricken through a lot of heartache in her life, she has risen above and beyond the dark clouds. As a young self, she expressed herself through poetry and in drama classes. There was one teacher who saw amazing creativity in her writing and screenplays, and the expression of pain in her poetry. Dolly was encouraged to write more, but with educational pressure from her family to pursue a professional medical career, her writing was put on the back burner. With the encouragement of her husband, she is now in pursuit of publishing her first book in November 2018.